Bulk Freight: Not in packages or containers, shipped loose in the hold of the ship.

Cosignee: Receiver of Shipment

Cut-off: Last possible date cargo may be delivered to vessel or designated point.

Credit Agreement: An agreement between carrier and shipper for release of cargo with promise to pay within a specific time.

Dock Receipt: Receipt given for a shipment received or delivered at a pier or dock.

Free Time: Storage time allowed at a carriers facility without penalties to be assessed.

Arrival notice: A notice given to cosingnee and shipping broker alerting them to the projected arrival of freight and availability of freight for pickup.

Bonded Warehouse: A warehouse section of Warehouse or secured area appointed by the customs as a bonded Warehouse.

Certificate of origin: A document needed a destination issue to certify the origin of cargo and relevant cargo details.

Claim: A demand made by the shippers insurance company upon a carrier for payment of a loss sustained through its negligence.

Conference: Group of carriers allowed by FMC to decide a level of rates services and rules of forgiven trade route bound together by a common tariff.

Consolidator: A company who supplies the consolidation services to a common point for convenience and special right to accommodate the small shipment for the customer.

Container: A single rigid sealed reusable metal box designs transport cargo of many types and continuous transportation.

Delivery order: A document from the cosignee shipper or owner of the freight ordering a terminal operator carrier or warehouse worker to deliver freight to another party.

Demurrage: A penalty charge against shippers or receivers for delaying carriers equipment beyond allowed time.

Devanning: The unloading cargo from a container also called unstuffing unloading or stripping.

Door to door: Shipping service from the shippers door to the cosignees door.

Export declaration: A document required of the exporter by the export authority of a country finding the particulars of a specific export shipment including the seller buyer goods shipped quantities and description of the goods and other details.

Free trade zone: A facility which under license issued by the free trade zone board has bought extra territorial status.

Free on board: An international term of sale.

General order: Customs term referring to Warehouse where merchandise not entered within five working days after the carriers arrival is stored at the risk and expense of the importer.

Gross weight: Total weight of the goods including packaging wrapping and internal and external containers.

Guarantee letter: Document accepted in lieu of original bill of lading to release cargo.

In bond: The transportation of a shipment to an inland point for customers clearance rather than filing an entry to clear the goods at the Port of arrival.

Interchange agreement: Contract between carrier and trucker that legally allows interchange of equipment.

Intermodal: The capability which enables a shipment to be transferred from one form of transport to another such as from airplane to truck to railway to freight car or ocean vessel.

Manifest: Entire listing of all cargo on board of vessel required by the carrier customs and the Coast guard.

Net weight: Net weight of a commodity only.

Neutral body: Neutral party used to police the practices of members of the conference.

Original bill of lading: When an original bill of lading is issued the cosignee needs to present a properly endorsed original paper document to the destination agent in order to secure release.

Seals on containers: Attached to locking device on container to prevent pilferage and to certify non-tampering made of steel by customs or carrier.

Stevedore: A person having charge to the operation of loading and unloading vessels and other terminal activities.

Tariff: A schedule of charges rules and regulations which must be followed.

Third party billing: The designated payer of an invoice other than the shipper or the cosignee.

Transshipment: The transfer of cargo from one carrier to another.




CBM: Cubic Meter

CFS: Container Freight Station

CFT: Cubic Feet

CIF: Cost Insurance and Freight

COD: Cash on Delivery

CY: Container Yard

DDC: Destination Delivery Charge

FAK: Freight of All Kinds

FCL: Full Container Load

FF: Freight Forwarder

GRI: General Rate Increase

LCL: Less Than Container Load

NVOCC: Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier

POD: Port of Discharge

POR: Port of Origin

POL: Port of Loading

WM: Weight or Measure



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