Export Freight Management

Export Freight Management

Services for export CFS include:

  • Freight Consolidation
  • Transloading
  • Container Drayage
  • Crating, skidding, blocking and bracing
  • LCL and FCL loads
  • Break Bulk Logistics
  • Export Packing
  • NCB (National Cargo Bureau) Inspections

Loading over 7000 containers of consolidated export freight a year, World Trade Distribution’s CFS is the Gulf Coast’s leading provider of export cargo services. We receive and meticulously track over 100,000 individual suppliers’ export freight a year. Less than container load (LCL) as well as full container load (FCL) services are always available at some of the most competitive rates on the Gulf Coast. Less than trailer loads are never held for delayed, weekend consolidation and are always blocked and braced with the utmost in care for transport. We are known for maximizing space (cubes) in every export container we load. Our cross dock operation is in constant radio communication with both our office staff and warehouse management. Changes in logistical planning, export suitability issues, weight reconfigurations, and other export supply chain management issues that can arise in any CFS operation are all easily communicated and seamlessly resolved with solutions that are always structured around our client’s individual export shipping and freight handling needs.

Oversized or overweight cargo is efficiently handled and securely loaded for export. Freight management of bulk and special needs cargos include custom packing, heavy lift / crane handling, and specialized blocking and bracing has established us as the industry leader in oversized cargo handling for the Gulf Coast for over 30 years.

All oversized / overweight flat rack cargo is inspected by NCB (National Cargo Bureau) before we turn in the cargo to the Houston port terminal or steamship line depot. This ensures our customers their export cargo will not be rejected by the port terminal or the steamship line for improper loading or insufficient securing of their load. Other pre-inspection services such as SGS inspection and preemptive services such as fumigation of both FCL (Full Container Load) and individual LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments are also provided to our customers for any preloading requirements that may arise.

Pipe is conveniently and efficiently loaded in containers, flat racks, and open tops or packed for bulk shipping. This provides our customers with flexible and cost efficient export shipping opportunities. Our innovative solutions to pipe handling and loading have proven a reliable resource that our customers can depend on With precise export shipping and planning for sensitive and specialty pipe we offer the most effective solutions to pipe handling and loading on the gulf coast.

With convenient access to Houston’s ocean port terminals and rail terminals our customers enjoy the benefit of expedited and efficient freight management of all their export cargo. Timely inventory reporting makes load planning easy and streamlined. Our expert and qualified staff provide the most cost effective solutions to any problems that may arise to avoid potential delays and promote the timely delivery of goods.

Transloading- Cross Dock Capabilities and Technologies

World Trade has over 100 dock doors for efficient, cost effective, freight transfer. We have overweight tolerance bonds in place to dray from port or ramp to our yard immediately for transload weight legalization, offering fast turnaround for nationwide transfer. We also offer comprehensive cross docking services so you can get cargo shipped to customers quickly and easily.

You can utilize our strip and ship services to avoid demurrage and the accumulation of per diem charges. Our consolidated services seamlessly integrate with CES exams to utilize one way deliveries and minimize container related costs and delays.

By consolidating shipments into standardized containers, we eliminate damages caused by transloading cargo while in transit to inland destinations. World Trade specializes in tile and liquor transloads using advanced loading and blocking & bracing techniques to prevent damage.

In bond cargo is easily transloaded or cross docked for convenient and efficient time management of your export cargo. As a bonded warehouse and bonded carrier, your transloading and trucking needs are handled in house with the utmost efficiency.

High valued or sensitive cargo is transloaded or cross docked under constant camera surveillance and monitored security ensuring a safe transition of cargo providing our customers with the peace of mind and assurances required in any CFS operation.


CFS Traking System

A fully automated CFS tracking system with built in Warehouse management system.


Dimensioning and weighing Syatem

We produce positive results from growing Industrial estates, we have established a corporate or mandate,


Survillance and security

120 cameras for surveillance and security. Customer accessible through the internet.